Sunday, 9 March 2014


o___o  long time no post..

So I've been away about 6 months, taking care of school/work stuff.  Since I've been gone it looks like the Carbuncle hako scene has died out.  I've spoken with Yuzu and it seems she and the rest of the core crew are playing another game together as a group right now.  Blargh.

However.. there have been rumblings from Quetzamadoodle server.. Our old buddy Yayokichi has rallied some people and started a new group there.  He's posted a few videos, and while the skill level doesn't look terribly high, they've come up with some revolutionary new "rules" for their games.

There are two rules.
1) Only one 2H (I guess it's 1H now..) ability per game
       This is really interesting, and obviously a dream situation for me personally if you know me at all.  Enforcing it in hako might be easy, but OMs.. there will definitely be people who show up there solely to blast off their eaglest of eye shots.

2) No elemental black magic/elemental ninjutsu
       While I love rule 1, this one is tougher to swallow.  I love black mage, but I admit it is very very strong after the recent(ish) elemental magic update.  The cool caster dark knight thing I had going before I took a break goes out the window.  Tonnin (caster ninja) was always a part of the game before, and I don't think it's broken.

They don't appear to be addressing another major issue that comes with hyper, though.  Jobs that rely on MP will still be able to chug elixirs at an alarming rate.  They haven't placed any rules about that.  Maybe they don't care.  Maybe they think that it's not worth dying for hyper if you can't spam your 2h on white mage, for example.  The most industrious hyper users would still just suicide through venom potions and reraise for the elixirs I'd expect.

The whole idea is very ambitious.  Controlling people in hako is easy, but in OM it's nearly impossible.  Regardless, they seem to have their hearts in the right place.  All that along with the fact that world transfers will now cost less and have a ridiculously short recast time - means I've got to go and show my support.  I'll likely be playing there after April 1st.

edit: I made some aesthetic changes to my youtube page, woot