Thursday, 25 February 2016

Random update

So, yeah.  I've been busy .... playing Ballista all the damn time!  Not only does Balli never die, but it's going stronger than ever.

Quetz has grown massively in the last month.  Players are flooding in.  Official matches, although still in JP primetime, are reaching sizes last seen at Lakshmi.

And of course, hako is happening daily, with several reservations on weekends (Friday, Saturday for western players). 

Most important to mention is that Evv and Aya are back!!  Three NA players baby! 
That almost sounds like we could do some NA vs JP..

Well, we did

Aya managed to make a completely new character (Yeira) within about a week, and it's nearly perfectly geared and merited.  It's that easy.

There couldn't be a better time to come back and play.

Will post at length about some NA v JP stuff, and other hako specifics later.

PS.  Ballistars have taken to twitter.  We've been organizing games using it.  @dwl0